- Sincere, genuine care from the heart.
Welcome! Thank you for your interest and for visiting!
Please, take the name and statement very literally!  We are very pleased to offer quality, personalized, genuine occupational therapy in the privacy and comfort of your home.
My name is Nicole Ridge, and I have been a licensed therapist for over a decade. I am here to serve you as clients and caregivers of Livingston County to help provide the most comfortable, accessible, quality, and resourceful life and minimize your challenges! I do not take your situation for granted! You have my complete attention, respect, empathy, and skills that I have acquired and honed on for the last 11 years!
I use a variety of techniques, primarily manual therapy treatment methods, to address multiple conditions including orthopedic and neurological conditions. Ultrasound therapy is also available as well as Bowen Therapy techniques.
*Please note: Specialized Therapeutic Care's treatments may provide effective pain relief, but I am NOT and spa massage therapist.  Please see the unique and interesting details on the "About Us" page.

Feel like you're bouncing from one appointment to another, seeing different faces that may or may not be listening to your needs? Fed up, wondering if there is anyone out there that really does care about what you're going through?  It is my passion to keep humanity in health care, Livingston! 
 Please visit again! Working with you is not my job, it's my privilege!
Meanwhile, please check out the other pages. Occupational Therapy doesn't end in the hospital, rehab center, or short-term home care. There is much more I can do to help!
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